Chris Aguayo for US Senate


First and foremost, I would like to personally thank you for visiting my website. It is an honor and truly a humbling experience to be running as a candidate to represent you on Capitol Hill. The time is now to remind both parties that the power of the government belongs back in the hands of you, the people of this great state and country. On day one of being elected into office, I will go to work for you. Your vote will make a difference this election. I am excited and can’t wait to bring my leadership to not only the State of Illinois, but to D.C. as well. Let me be your voice in D.C. and put the target on my back to fight for your rights. I look forward to meeting you while I’m out on the campaign trail.

Chris Aguayo

Chris Aguayo for US Senate

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For too long, the two parties have led to the Country’s failures and short-comings. Career politicians have put their personal agendas before their constituents.Chris Aguayo

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